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HUNTSVILLE Texas 77340
For decades I considered a trip to the areas of Mississippi from which my father came.  I found that in discovering Mississippi, I discovered myself.  These images are some from my book, "Discovering Mississippi ... Discovering Myself."
Mississippi water tower.
Old Mississippi gas station with Texaco sign
Vacant one-pump gas station in Mississippi.
Home grown vegetables for sale in Zero, MS
Downtown Yazoo City, MS
Bright colors in downtown Yazoo City, MS
Carousel horse in Meridian, MS
Bench in downtown Yazoo City, MS
Railroad bridge Yazoo City, MS
One lane road in Yazoo City, MS
Kudzu covering Yazoo City, MS
Delta area near Yazoo City, MS
Vimville, MS
Zero, MS cemetery
Zero, MS cemetery
Vimville, MS Coker Cemetery.
Downtown Yazoo City, MS
General store in Mississippi.
Black and White Store in Yazoo City, MS
Bank in downtown Yazoo City, MS
Yazoo City, MS library