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A Beauty-Full Life 2019
A Beauty-Full Life 2019 is a follow-on project from 2015's Still...Life.  Whereas 2015's focus was that amidst all the challenges in living there is...still...life, A Beauty-Full Life will comprise images selected from those taken each day of 2019, each with a message and hope that viewers are reminded that life is full of beauty of many types. 
March 22  I am trying to not repeat too much of the same sort of beauty as inspiration, but this East Texas sunrise requires me to look to the sun and clouds again for today's view of beauty.
March 21   We could do worse than simply noticing the beauty of light, shadows and forms in our own environs.
March 20   The orange tree survived last year's uprooting and relocation, now providing beautiful little buds that sparkle in spring sun and attract bees with their scent.
March 19   Two gifts of beautiful thoughts:  a bookmark from my wife and an "experienced" writer's table from my daughter in-law.  It is a beautiful thing when people give you gifts that reveal they know you.
March 18  Simple colors and lines reveal their beauty as they wait on a hanger.
March 17   Spring seems to bring incredible and beautiful colors and patterns as it and winter feud for dominance before spring takes firm hold.
March 16   When I first became serious about photography at 16, I would prowl behind my mom's azaleas to photograph their colors and textures as the light shown through them.  The flowers -- their colors and textures -- and the memories remain beautiful to me.
March 15  The layers of colors reminded me of playing with colored chalk and blending them so that the dust of each blended together in a blended delicatness...but this time the "chalk" was in the sky.
March 14   Light slats on a rug, a light ladder leading to shadows...I am not sure what I see, but it caught my eye.  We're surrounded by different types of beauty that would catch our eye if we were willing for it to be caught.
March 13  Most of the orange blossoms survived the late freeze a few days ago, and their sweet, bug-calling aroma calls me, too, long enough to save their youth in images.
March 12  For some of us, this weathered site is beautiful and calming; count me among those.
March 11  New textures of spring's young bloom against the old texture of stone...beauty of youth and age, transitory and permanent.
March 10 The more I notice the beauty of lines and shapes, the more I am attracted to the most humble of them.
March 9  I'm so proud of having been able to carry this torch for the cross-country Olympic run in 2001 in Albuquerque, that I sometimes forget how beautiful the design and colors are.
March 8    I've only ridden a horse once, but there is something about a horse's features that have always attracted and inspired me. Beautiful animals, whether real or portrayed.
March 7   Black, gray and white cloud waves roll in front of the seamless blue sky...beautiful.  Time to pause in the driveway before driving off.
March 6    I envisioned this as a black-and-white image, but when I opened the file and saw the colors of light on the blinds...sometimes beauty means looking at it for what it is, not what you think it is.
March 5 Sitting aside after serving with softness and scentbeauty of many senses.
March 4   I could be constrained to my house and not cease finding beauty in the forms, shapes and textures as light moves over the house, changing windows into which it peaks to illuminate in different ways.
March 3     I never thought of ratchet straps as beautiful until they stood out in the bed of my truck, a bold red x of strength and service.
March 2     The beauty of the foggy morning, my truck's headlights pulling the signs out a bit, remind me about what awaits when starting the day early.
March 1     Amidst the cloudy days stand out the crisp colors of leaves, greens and yellows collaborating to catch my attention.
February 28     Yet another area of the house largely ignored as I walk by every day, but in this morning's light all the elements called me to notice.
February 27   Proud Texan: the star always makes me smile.  I think it is beautiful; it is home.
February 26    I couldn't decide which I thought was most wonderful to look at, the flowing water or the rain drops, so I opted for both. Ever-changing patterns thanks to rain and a rain gutter.
February 25   My high school textbook for sophomore English/literature quickly became a prized possession, helping me explore in words the various manifestations of truth, beauty, goodness and commitment. The themes are as beautiful as the path they set me on.
February 24    Gentle curves and warm tones pulling themselves out of shadows in a place that is only visited for a formal meal. I need to look in there more often.
February 23    My wife's grandmother's Bible reveals the beauty of faith in use, faith lived out, which is how it should be.
February 22   Beauty exists in how things look and also in what they mean to us.
February 21    Sometimes the simplest of beauty in shape, light and shadow is the most calming.
February 20    Another everyday view that comes to life in the right light and a moment taken to notice.
February 19   Rain drops on the arm of the chair on the porch beckon me to warmer days. For now, the shapes, textures and colors give me pause to appreciate before heading back in to warmer temperatures.
February 18  The path to my Walden, a place of beauty seen in work, peace, curiosity, discovery, rest, play, thought and more. Beauty is more than to just be seen; it reveals itself in living.
February 17   It seems that everywhere I turn in the house there is some sort of beauty -- colors, textures, light and shadows.  Walk more slowly around your surroundings.
February 16   Beautiful pink flowers attract my eye and will soon be attracting bees that will then be attracted to my vegetable garden.  The beauty of attraction!
February 15    The beauty of night and quiet, and a special place to sit with someone special.
February 14   Valentine's Day...a day to notice the beauty of love and to somehow say so.
February 13    The crown and halo for this tree caught my attention, though I wonder how many others in the airport noticed it at all.
February 12   Beautiful in this view, as well as a bit mysterious. Unnoticed the multitude of other times I walk past this door at home.
February 11    I really hadn't noticed her coat much until someone said they loved its colors. Once I noticed it, and that her hair and mine are similar in tonalities, but not length.  How can I not agree that it is beautiful?
February 10   More tree tops with clouds. I keep finding beauty and patterns, and today in the colors that will soon make way for the greens of spring.
February 9   A beautiful moment to be remembered for decades. It is nice to have the image, it is better to have the memory.  Not all beauty and beautiful moments can be recorded; sometimes, your ability to recollect the memories is more powerful than a collection of images.
February 8   Warm tungsten light from across the street at night and the pattern of our front door's glass and...another reminder to notice the beauty of ordinary things.
February 7   The north winds pulled in today as the front passed through, creating flurries of motion that blend colors.  Chilling in many ways.
February 6    Sometimes the best I can do is look and appreciate, and then whisper "thank you for this moment."
February 5   Sometimes you see something that strikes you as beautiful yet you can't describe it or show it adequately. This is one of them.  The ring of the glass against the textures...well, I didn't show it, but I won't stop seeing beauty in simple things.  You shouldn't either.
February 4    I don't think I ever completely lost my childhood love of watching clouds (including when I played center field in little league), but seeing them now with a perspective six decades long provides a calming sense that beauty was, is and forever will be if we but look to see it.
February 3  Reflections hold what they can as the dusk light sets in until patterns disappear into the shadows.
February 2   More beautiful aging, made more poignant by the beautiful inscription on the back of the bench: "Old Man and His Fishing Buddy." My son made this as a place for his daughter and I to fish.  Since then, he's had a son, too.  The bench will be wonderfully crowded as beautiful memories are made.
February 1  In the bold light, the aging of the oft-used smoker takes on a beauty of texture, color and time passing.
January 31   Sunlight, shadows and forms; cabinets and a door appear more beautiful than their humble roles would suggest.
January 30   Some things are worth pulling over to the side of the road to pause and enjoy. Here's one.
January 29    Beyond the steamed up window of the shower is a beautiful day. Just by seeing it, I am anxious to enter it refreshed and recharged.
January 28    I find that any glisten of light caught in my peripheral vision, causes me to turn and look for the beauty that I can no longer simply walk past.
January 27    The flames may be fake, but the movement is still calming and mesmerizing. Don't worry about the source; enjoy the beauty in front of you.
January 26      Early morning light, patterns pulling themselves out of shadows. A pause, a sip of coffee and knowing another beautiful day awaits.
January 25   Normally, the chocolate milk color of the water is not considered beautiful, but it celebrates differently the colors of the sky. Keep your eyes open for things that aren't as beautiful as they usually are; they are simply differently beautiful to be seen with new eyes.
January 24    The day starts with beautiful colors pushing away the darkness.
January 23    A couple of days after the blood moon that caught everyone's attention, I opted to preserve the beauty of the everyday moon. Beauty is not just in those things that "everyone" celebrates; it is in the everyday and the oft-unnoticed that beauty hides in plain sight.
January 22    Abstraction through reflection -- this platter becomes differently beautiful when its surface performs more as a mirror than a holder of food. Beauty in things, scenes and people often becomes visible when the subject is viewed in other than the expected, typical ways.
January 21   The warm beauty of welcome at the front door.
January 20   I love this place.  I can't stop staring when I go. Return to places of beauty.
January 19   The light were red; I stopped and looked. And admired the beauty of colors, and the man-made against the natural. The lights turned green, but I stayed in place long enough to preserve the view. Stop. See. Go.
January 18    The fog before the cold front provided a scene that was wonderful to look at, and inspired ideas for poetry and stories. Beautiful days don't need to be "chamber of commerce" days.
January 17    A completely different perspective of "a home on the water." Looking at things differently often reveals beauty in the "ordinary."
January 16    Colors that I see every day jump out for attention today. A moment's attention provided a day's worth of joy that I had found something "new."
January 15  This almost appears to be a slightly sepia toned image, but the water is actually brown due to recent rains. Beauty can be found in what we see and how we share through our vision what we see.
January 14 Elegant simplicity of curves and lines. Simple beauty simply seen.
January 13  Early morning light, dark wood tones, variety of textures...all the makings of found beauty in something I see a dozen times a day.
January 12 Sometimes beauty isn't something you understand. It just is. And these are.
January 11  Looking up to morning clouds as the sun rises reminds me of cobblestones in the sky -- beautiful, soft, colorful cobblestones.  Look up, not just out, during your day.
January 10 The elegance and beauty of simple lines in the house, particularly lit by daylight streaming through windows, has caught my attention lately.  Let beauty catch your attention.
January 9 Beauty of lines and textures at a place I stand a few times a day. Today, I really noticed it; it reminded me of a sculpture, a beautiful sculpture. And then I washed my hands. Sometimes beauty should simply garner our attention, not our reverence.
January 8 Fog is flirtatious and beautiful, hiding from the viewer just enough to increase the interest to see more.
January 7 What appears to be a black-and-white image is actually color.  Nuanced color, subtle color.  Reminding us that beauty is not always in the bold, but also in the subtle; not just in the dynamic, but also the graceful. Beauty exists within the view of where you stand every moment of your life.
January 6  Sunset light showcasing the trees against a sky of clouds charcoal and white transport me to a location of memories and dreams, but I was only a half-mile from my house. Beauty carries me to time, locations and emotions from the past and into the future, while relishing the moment.
January 5  Who would have thought that there is beauty in doing dishes?  The colors, curves and movement...move me. In every moment there is beauty to be found.
January 4 Simplicty of color reminds me of my crayon box as a kid, but a closer look at the nuances in the simple scenes of life make even my big box feel outdone. Textures revealed on a closer look provides its own beauty, including of memories of the many uses of pine needles: stuck into window screens as we played telephone operator; thrown like darts; main ingredient in a tea and much more.
January 3  The front door and side panel remind me that beauty is made by people and machines with the goal of adding to the world's beauty, but we often ignore it. Pause long enough to notice the many ways beauty is added to your world by the work of others.
January 2. The cold, dreary day revealed beauty, it didn't hide it. From the cover of the front porch, beauty caught rain only a few steps away.
January 1   These boutonneires greet me every morning, pinned to the wall next to my mirror. They remind me of beauty of aging, and beauty of special times and special moments in life as I age, too.