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Czech Republic
I had the pleasure of teaching photography at ArtCamp at University of West Bohemia in Plzen, Czech Republic for one week each over three summers ... one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
Czech dictionary, beer and journal
 Plzen Czech Republic  street lights.
Plzen Czech Republic  statue near train station.
Plzen, Czech Republic
 Plzen Czech Republic coming storm.
Plzen Czech Republic Coca-Cola diner in front of old apartments.
Plzen Czech Republic traffic sign.
Plzen Czech Republic train station.
 Plzen railroad tracks
Plzen Czech Republic diner ceiling.
Plzen Czech Republic flat entry hall.
Plzen Czech Republic laundry out to dry.
 University of West Bohemia
 University of West Bohemia.
Plzen field near University of West Bohemia
Field near University of West Bohemia
Flower on grounds of University of West Bohemia
 soccer field near University of West Bohemia
field near University of West Bohemia
 Plzen flat
Holy Mother statue in  Plzen Czech Republic near St. Bartholomew's.
Plzen Czech Republic crucifix at St. Bartholomew's.