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Invited ... the power of

I  was invited to exhibit in one of the International Fotofest 2018 exhibitions -- at a Baytown venue -- and I could not be more ecstatic. It is exciting and affirming to be juried into an exhibition, but it is an altogether different feeling when invited in.  Which got me to thinking.

Invite Others Into Your Expression

Let others be involved in your visual voice.  Some people will make good models, anxious to help you create.  Some will help with moving gear around.  Some will want to make props or loan them to you.  The list of possibilities is endless; invite others to join in.  Synergy results.  

If inviting others is not your style ... get over it!  Try involving others.  Be respectful of their roles, and enjoy the chemistry that comes from the process.

Invite Others to View

Share your photographs with others.  Seek exhibitions.  Create online galleries.  Publish books (even for an audience of one or a few).  Don't just "put stuff out there."  Invite others to view your work, particularly those who you have invited to be part of your expression.

Invite Others to Create

People naturally want to create.  As one who creates, you can encourage, inspire, collaborate, guide, mentor others to create with their own voice in whatever forms they want.  Your encouragement may just be what that person needs.  Everyone who takes the risk of creating needs affirmation and encouragement.

Bring down the barriers, break down the silos, lower the drawbridge, remove the facades and abolish the pretense ... be generous with your invitations.