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Anyone can take a good photograph

Push a button.  There you go.  Anyone can take a photograph, and with today's gear, most of the images will be "good."  The art and the magic is in what you see and how you choose to convey that as an image.  It is the seeing, not the taking that matters.

I tell my photography students, "If you want to create better images, close your eyes."  Try it.  Close your eyes and let the rest of your senses feed your inspiration.  The smell of baby shampoo, the feeling of the breeze, the sound of a flag cracking in the wind...  Be open to your senses and image ideas flow.

Click the link on the book below.  You can read the entire thing for free.  I teach a course in this at Houston Center for Photography and other venues.  Learn to see with all your senses, pay attention to the words in your head...it's all in the book....and taking photographs will be secondary.  It is the seeing, not the taking that serves your vision.