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Do You Want To See Her Beauty?

Seeing beauty in another person has little to do with lighting schemes, post-processing or posing.  All those elements should be used to help a photographer convey what he or she sees:  beauty in another person.  For photographers who photograph women, I have a simple suggestion:  Quit looking at her like a photographer.

As a photographer, you might see skin texture, coloration, shape and other things that relate to the photograph.  But first, you need to see her.  See her beauty.  The technique is simple.  See her like her best friend would.

I've photographed women since my early days getting into the field in the mid-'70s.  I've learned a few things.  For example, women tend to see themselves as if they are naked in harsh light while standing in front of a full-length mirror.  They will find a flaw.  A wrinkle, cellulite, a scar...something.  And for that, they tend to deny themselves the trait of "beauty."  However, they will also talk about their beautiful friend, mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, friend, neighbor and so on because, "she has a beautiful smile," "she has beautiful hands," "she has beautiful eyes."  Many times I have heard a woman deny themselves the trait of beauty because of a "flaw" while also bestowing "beauty" on another woman for one feature or trait.  To see a woman's beauty, see her like her best friend does.

Years ago, I explained to a woman the logic and process of my photography, that is, I strive to show who a woman is, not just how she looks.  She replied, "I'd love for you to show me who you see in me."  I loved the sentiment and the expression, and, with her permission, began to use the phrase.  It became the title of a book.  You can review some of it if you want to see how the concept works.

Quit seeing women, men, children, nature, etc. as a photographer.  Look like a person who cares for and about what they see. Create thusly.