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Photography -- A love affair

I just reviewed my entries to the Terrabella Media call for entries.  The theme was hands.  My five choices displayed nicely on the screen.  And I cried.

Photography does that because it evokes more than images and memories; it goes to my marrow where blood is made and to my soul where beliefs reside and my heart where emotion churn.  When looking at images -- the five for this entry come from 2003, 1004, 2010 and 2016 -- my life of visuals goes by quickly like a flip book.  The connections, old or renewed, remind me of the power of the photographic process as a compliment to the beauty of images.  And when those strong senses of connection grab me, I feel emotions ranging from nostalgia to melancholy, joy to sorrow and most everything else in between.

My love affair with photography has given me a love affair with life.