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I hate cheesy smiles and hate worse the "call to smile" by saying "cheese."  Smiles are beautiful things, and goodness knows the world could use a few more of them. 

I had the pleasure of offering social media headshot portraits as part of the gathering of Bay Area Networking Circle, a brainchild of Chris Maginnis.  In one area of my office, a sommelier offered wine tasting and the group members brought food and other drink.  In the studio area, I created images, taking no more than a couple of minutes for each person.  Each will receive three images as a "door prize," of sorts.  It was great fun and even greater networking.  But the greatest treat was the smiles.  Dozens of people smiling.

This morning, as I reviewed the images and posted a few on this site, I couldn't help but smile back to those in the images.  Their smiles were authentic and warm, drawing out my good mood and appreciation for who they are.

Five decades ago, a school photographer said to me, "Say Mickey Mouse backwards" to provoke me into a smile.  Instead he received a glower and curled up lip.  All genuine expression engages me, whether it is laughter or tears or anything in between.  But a smile...a smile...the world could use more of them.