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Long before the "Genome Project," I knew what was in my DNA. 

Thanks to advances in reading human DNA, you can find out your true ancestry, your propensity to diseases and even your tendencies toward habits and behaviors.  I knew that decades before the project started in 1998.

My habit is to look, my behavior is to create images and my DNA has f-stops, shutter speeds and focal lengths strewn together in a soup of D-76 and fixer (photographic chemicals for those of you only familiar with digital processes).  Just as comfort and understanding come from reading the results from commercial tests of one's DNA, the same comes to me when I review photographs that I took today or 54 years ago (which is when it started for me) or anything in between. The images reveal a lifetime of visual curiosity, propensity to create images and a quiet appreciation for the beauty in life, no matter what form it takes.  

It is one thing to be comfortable in your own skin; it is quite a bit more to be comfortable in your DNA.  I am blessed for both.