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Teaching High School Students: Inspiration of Smiles and Excitement

A student's enthusiasm, excitement, smiles and new-found insights is encouraging.  Multiply it by 70 students and... incredible!

I had the pleasure of teaching four sessions for the students taking Creative Writing at High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston.  I was asked to teach a variation of the course Words and Images that I created and teach at Houston Center for Photography.  By bringing photographic skills and sensibilities to the young writers, they could not only enhance their writing, but also learn how to blend the two.  The last of the four sessions was set aside for them to present their work.  The results were exciting, enlightening, complicated, simple, multidimensional, revealing ... they were outstanding.

For the first session, they learned about photographic concepts (several of those in my book, The Seeing, Not the Taking), and how to tap into their lives for insights and inspiration (using some of the tools of my latest book, LIFElines:  Empowering All Aspects of Your Life).  The utilized much of the former, and were wonderfully connected to the latter.  And their work showed it with images and words that conveyed the heart and soul of the work's creator.  Subsequent sessions required them to apply what they learned and create.  And create.

The fourth, and final, session called for them to present their work.  One student's response about interests and inspiration led to a Listen to Life blog posting!  Her simple insight screams for attention in our busy worlds.  The things that interest us can, and should, inspire us in many areas.  An interest in gardening could inspire photography, drawing, gardening, writing (factual, blogs, poetry, fantasy), cooking and much more.  The young woman was so pleased to find that that which interests her and inspires her also inspired her in her new expression -- photography.  I wanted to give her a hug.  And the other several dozen students, too!  So much talent ... 

My closing comments to them would be my comment to you:  "As life continues and you grow older, never forget the power of your voice.  Never lose your voice.  God bless you."