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A Beauty-Full Life 2019
A Beauty-Full Life 2019 is a follow-on project from 2015's Still...Life.  Whereas 2015's focus was that amidst all the challenges in living there is...still...life, A Beauty-Full Life will comprise images selected from those taken each day of 2019, each with a message and hope that viewers are reminded that life is full of beauty of many types. 
January 21   The warm beauty of welcome at the front door.
January 20   I love this place.  I can't stop staring when I go. Return to places of beauty.
January 19   The light were red; I stopped and looked. And admired the beauty of colors, and the man-made against the natural. The lights turned green, but I stayed in place long enough to preserve the view. Stop. See. Go.
January 18    The fog before the cold front provided a scene that was wonderful to look at, and inspired ideas for poetry and stories. Beautiful days don't need to be "chamber of commerce" days.
January 17    A completely different perspective of "a home on the water." Looking at things differently often reveals beauty in the "ordinary."
January 16    Colors that I see every day jump out for attention today. A moment's attention provided a day's worth of joy that I had found something "new."
January 15  This almost appears to be a slightly sepia toned image, but the water is actually brown due to recent rains. Beauty can be found in what we see and how we share through our vision what we see.
January 14 Elegant simplicity of curves and lines. Simple beauty simply seen.
January 13  Early morning light, dark wood tones, variety of textures...all the makings of found beauty in something I see a dozen times a day.
January 12 Sometimes beauty isn't something you understand. It just is. And these are.
January 11  Looking up to morning clouds as the sun rises reminds me of cobblestones in the sky -- beautiful, soft, colorful cobblestones.  Look up, not just out, during your day.
January 10 The elegance and beauty of simple lines in the house, particularly lit by daylight streaming through windows, has caught my attention lately.  Let beauty catch your attention.
January 9 Beauty of lines and textures at a place I stand a few times a day. Today, I really noticed it; it reminded me of a sculpture, a beautiful sculpture. And then I washed my hands. Sometimes beauty should simply garner our attention, not our reverence.
January 8 Fog is flirtatious and beautiful, hiding from the viewer just enough to increase the interest to see more.
January 7 What appears to be a black-and-white image is actually color.  Nuanced color, subtle color.  Reminding us that beauty is not always in the bold, but also in the subtle; not just in the dynamic, but also the graceful. Beauty exists within the view of where you stand every moment of your life.
January 6  Sunset light showcasing the trees against a sky of clouds charcoal and white transport me to a location of memories and dreams, but I was only a half-mile from my house. Beauty carries me to time, locations and emotions from the past and into the future, while relishing the moment.
January 5  Who would have thought that there is beauty in doing dishes?  The colors, curves and movement...move me. In every moment there is beauty to be found.
January 4 Simplicty of color reminds me of my crayon box as a kid, but a closer look at the nuances in the simple scenes of life make even my big box feel outdone. Textures revealed on a closer look provides its own beauty, including of memories of the many uses of pine needles: stuck into window screens as we played telephone operator; thrown like darts; main ingredient in a tea and much more.
January 3  The front door and side panel remind me that beauty is made by people and machines with the goal of adding to the world's beauty, but we often ignore it. Pause long enough to notice the many ways beauty is added to your world by the work of others.
January 2. The cold, dreary day revealed beauty, it didn't hide it. From the cover of the front porch, beauty caught rain only a few steps away.
January 1   These boutonneires greet me every morning, pinned to the wall next to my mirror. They remind me of beauty of aging, and beauty of special times and special moments in life as I age, too.