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HUNTSVILLE Texas 77340
A Beauty-Full Life 2019 is a follow-on project from 2015's Still...Life.  Whereas 2015's focus was that amidst all the challenges in living there, A Beauty-Full Life will comprise images selected from those taken each day of 2019, each with a message and hope that viewers are reminded that life is full of beauty of many types.  Share your thoughts with me at 
December 31 The last day of the year draws to a beautiful close, this image completing the project. Amidst the clouds, as in life, there is the hint of a rainbow ahead. You have a beauty-full life...see it every day.
December 30 The vibrant red of a beautiful poinsettia is often taken for granted during the holiday season...don't. Look closely and enjoy.
December 29 Being sick, I wasn't up for much chasing down of photo material, but our Texas Santa made me smile, and when you're sick, that's a beautiful thing!
December 28 Holly berries stand out against the flag whipping in the wind. Makes me think of our military and the song "I'll Be Home For Christmas."
December 27 Gloria!
December 26 Beautiful dedication to our veterans seen at this beautiful sunset. We continue to enjoy sunsets in freedom thanks to the sacrifices of so many others.
December 25 Christmas Day. If we only followed the lessons of the baby born this day, there would be...peace.
December 24 A lot of memories related to nutcracker characters over the past few decades. Sometimes the beauty if more in the memory than in the subject itself.
December 23 Beautiful. Another day comes to a close and asks us if we have paused to see the beauty that surrounds us every moment of every day.
December 22 Joy. We all need to be more cognizant of creating it, seeing it around us, feeling it. These lights bring memories of looking at neighborhood lights with my sons. Joy...beautiful..
December 21 Clouds like this at this time of day remind me of playing in the street with my friends until dark, ignoring the cooling temperatures the end of sunlight approaches. Beautiful times, beautiful Creation, beautiful memories.
December 20 In the cloudy, cold conditions of the day, the beauty of this downed tree reminds us that beauty comes in all conditions.
December 19 New leaves reach out for the morning sun with the more mature leaves and berries admiring the addition of the new growth.
December 18 The Christmas tree is beautiful when viewing it in its entirety, and a different sort of beautiful when noticing features and colors of the decorations.
December 17 My family detailed in Christmas stockings. Beautiful. And blessed.
December 16 In an area that was once so thick with lily pads that it seemed it could bear me if I walked across, there is now beauty of simplicity, of vegetation resting until a Spring outburst.
December 15 Colors, motion of flames, the season's colors...time to pause and simply observe.
December 14 It has been more than a year since my wife held these flowers as we shared vows. Beautiful, in many ways.
December 13 The beauty of Christmas tree textures.
December 12 Arriving early to provide a motivational message to a nearby Kiwanis Club, I had to pause in the parking lot to appreciate the beauty of morning light greeting electrical light.
December 11 Cool skies, few leaf hangers-on and the scene whispers "It is winter."
December 10 Out of focus, the Christmas tree lights become brightly colored bulbs amidst the ornaments.
December 8 Though these leaves and weeds create an interesting pattern of colors and textures seen from this bug's-eye view, they must loom large to whatever insects traverses the field.
December 7 The colors and textures of the season for friends coming over.
December 6 As beautiful as the trees were covered with leaves, the new conditions reveal a starker beauty against the cold, blue skies.
December 5 Strong winds move the trees to a spooky beauty at night, the images suitable for fairy tales set in dark woods.
December 4 The blooms' beauty of textures show themselves absent color.
December 3 The beauty of the tones and finish pale compared to the beauty of the memories associated with this wash table.
December 2 Light reflecting off moulding creates a beautiful, somewhat mysterious, look in the dark.
December 1 I'm certainly partial to the subject, but the colors and textures I find particularly beautiful.
November 29 Colors of heat and warmth betray the past and present cold here.
November 28 The end cap of the light over the hotel room sink struck me with its clarity of form, the wonderful honeycomb pattern that is still more beautiful in nature.
November 27 Brutal winds ripped through the air as a cold front moved through. Our flag whipped and popped in the wind revealing its beauty and strength.
November 26 The beauty of form and the beauty of purpose come together in this plane housed at the Air Force Museum in Ohio.
November 25 Early morning light pierced this leaf that has already survived much Ohio cold, maintaining warmth in color since there was none in the weather.
November 24 Smiles are where you find them and I found this one on the hotel wall after a long day of travel fun.
November 23 I like the colors of my wife's old comb, but the beauty of it is that she still has it several decades after her daughter gave it to her as a child. Sentimentality is beautiful.
November 22 Some trees remain covered in leaves of greatly varied colors, and for some there are only a few remaining, creating their own sort of beauty in solitariness and starkness.
November 21 It was late and I had not yet created an image for the day, so I scurried to the driveway for something of the night sky...these street lights glowing like separated stars intrigued me.
November 20 I have been drawn to light poles for years, and their simplicity against skies as canvas continue to strike me as beautiful.
November 19 This patio furniture table became less utilitarian and for a moment served as abstract art with a pattern that reminded me of ancient art.
November 18 I never pay attention to the pillows, but their textures and form caught my eye, providing a pleasurable surprise at the enjoyable view.
November 17 The water releases a veiled wall between the lily pads and the shore for a beautiful view of morning on the lake.
November 16 I sure love my home state and just about anything that honors Texas I find to be beautiful.
November 15 Wabi-sabi is the concept of beauty in decay and aging. This is wabi-sabi to me.
November 14 The basil plant survived summer heat, shared its tasty leaves, nourished bees on its blooms and now stands in beauty borne in a life fully lived.
November 13 Winter, for some, is a time of change. For others, just another day under the sun. Not everyone responds to things the same way, and that is beautiful.
November 12 I think our flag is beautiful. It appears in many of my photo projects. Today, whipping in the cold North winds, she seemed particularly spry and lovely.
November 11 A moment to pause, to rest one's heart and soul in the beauty that surrounds us. Truly, "a walk in the park."
November 10 Waning dusk light paints a lovely artpiece against a blue canvas. Beautiful.
November 9 Crisp light and strong shadows reveal beauty in the intriguing patterns.
November 8 Simple form again brought to my attention by morning light. I love seeing.
November 7 Contrasts of several types, making for a beautiful moment.
November 6 The dirt at my Walden is more like a sandbox, and equally inviting to plant growth. But this weed flower persists.
November 5 Another beautiful, foggy morning making the pampas grass stand out in shape and colors from the trees in the background. I wasn't walking their direction until I saw them and then I couldn't resist.
November 4 The faucet's colors, textures and form remind me of a public art piece for some reason.
November 3 The man's name was on the other side of the gravestone, but his image of a man with cowboy hat, cowboy boots and five children told me everything I needed to know. I already like this stranger and wished we could have met.
November 2 Not sure why I thought "Stairway to Heaven" when I saw the blinds, but I found them to be beautiful in this light.
November 1 The sunrise color spread through the fog drew me to the lake's edge. Everywhere I looked were reminders of this beautiful place as a location to pause, reflect and appreciate a beauty-full life.
October 31 This angel caught my breath and my eye from across the cemetery. Beautiful art with a beautiful message in honor of a loved one in this beautiful place.
October 30 A spot of color making this view a flag of sorts. Perhaps the flag of simple beauty.
October 29 Patterns and symmetry disturbed slightly by angle changes the mundane to a simple beauty.
October 28 The clouds build up and the winds soon were to begin for a small dose of "winter" in our parts. Weather changes always bring beauty with them.
October 27 Simple. Beautiful. Period.
October 26 There was a time when the bank was beautiful, as was its sign; now they both have faded to near obscurity in this small town, revealing a beauty that can only come with time.
October 25 Not a bottle of diamonds or pearls, but a bottle showing beautiful condensation.
October 24 The textures of the sheer drapes create views that are almost unrecognizable in a beautiful way.
October 23 Turning over a new leaf...the orange tree surges in growth awaiting the chance to bloom in a few months. Beautiful colors and new life, ready to get to work.
October 22 The pier at night. Spooky. Solitary. Beautiful.
October 21 This beautiful leaf backlit by the morning sun awaited me on the truck windshield. Beauty waits for us everywhere.
October 20 The overwhelming beauty of colors and clouds almost, almost take us away from the beauty of the birds in flight.
October 19 By moving the furniture, a new still life and tribute was discovered.
October 18 The flowers may not be "real," but their color and attraction is. Enjoy, wherever they come from.
October 17 Subtlety and perfection of form...beautiful.
October 16 The temperatures drop to below 60 and the trees, desperate to have four seasons, adjust their colors in celebration before it goes back to the 80s in a day or two.
October 15 A bit of welcome rain draws me to the jalapenos again. To pick them only when they are green is to cheat yourself of the variety of beautiful colors they "age" into.
October 14 The painter's background is actually the street, serving as a portrait backdrop to accentuate the colors and textures of the azalea leaves. Trimmed closely, prepped for a full bloom next year.
October 13 The photo is not great, but this hawk visiting for mere moments graced me with beauty but not the time to get the "proper" lens, etc.
October 12 The condensation on the lid and the blue flame, simple beauties in the mundane moments of cooking breakfast.
October 11 More than wine...a moment. Beautiful.
October 10 I am not sure why these simple, graceful lines keep asking to be photographed. Maybe because they are simple and graceful.
October 9 She arrived as I walked up to the flowers and left after I had taken several images; beauty comes into our lives to remind it is actually there all the time.
October 8 Suburban mountain tops. Okay, they are the houses across the street and the heat index still hovers near 100, but through the front screen it appears to be a nearby mountain range.
October 7 ...and other roses, too. Wonderful reminders around the house of a beautiful first year.
October 6 Our first anniversary! She is a seventh-generation Texan so you know she had to have yellow roses as part of the deal!
October 5 Simple colors, lines and patterns around the house. Beauty surrounds you.
October 4 Night is beautiful. Soak it in.
October 3 No place like home, no place like home. After an evening conducting portfolio reviews for a Houston-area photography club, I returned home and saw the beauty of home, of taillights, of headlight glow, of form and focus. Be inspired by others who are inspired.
October 2 The smooth continuity of color of a dusk sky, an extensive seamless background.
October 1 Reviewed from the side in late day light, the textures stand out, revealing a beauty in the brick that celebrates the material more than just its color and functionality.
September 30 The fine textures of etching stand out beautifully in the light, giving me a new appreciation of a lamp that I had long ago taken for granted. Not any more.
September 29 Standing in the corner, standing out with gentle beauty. Never ignore your own surroundings.
September 28 The beauty of solitude, of the call to play, of memories of late-night basketball as a kid and later with kids. The view and feeling of this solitary, unoccupied court at night pulled images and memories from more than 50 years.
September 27 Talk about an early warning system for Fall! Ahead of its time, this leaf stands out with colors and textures to hint that Fall is coming...eventually.
September 26 Subtle textures stand out from the smoothness and light. A beautiful corner of form and finish.
September 25 Again, the form, transparency and lines of the kitchen lights attract me. Find things in your home to admire.
September 24 The jalapenos have flourished, creating what seems to be a never-ending crop of color.
September 23 The simplicity of lines discovered while laying on the floor and simply enjoying the view. Look everywhere in new ways.
September 22 When a scene and its image takes you back to youth, fun, play and fond memories...there is beauty there.
September 21 A pause before opening the blinds for the morning revealed a gentle, almost heavenly, light to start the day.
September 20 The textures of glass candle holders as daylight glows through...the flame no match, but adding its color and warmth to the moment.
September 19 I keep returning to these bulbs like a moth ... well, a moth with a camera.
September 18 A pause in the gentle rain leaves a beautiful blend of colors and evidence of the welcome precipitation.
September 17 I had never noticed how beautiful a sewing machine can be. Noticing...that's the key.
September 16 The graceful lines and form of the chandelier take on a new elegance, inspiring a pause to enjoy the sight.
September 15 Morning light, crisp textures, warm colors to get the day started with energy.
September 14 From the shadows, color pulls out on a spot of light. Moments later, all will again be in shadow.
September 13 The wave of color greets guests to our home; beauty welcomes beauty of all types.
September 12 Motion is mezmerizing and its trails create their own type of beauty, like Spirograph (tm) without ink.
September 11 The beauty of the moment and of moments foretold.
September 10 Storms rolling in, taking in the sights and sounds of a cool breeze, rain and lighting while my wife and I enjoy a drink...the beauty of nature, relaxation and peace in the moments.
September 9 I cannot tell whether they are reaching up for the raindrops or cheering for them, but this happy azalea's colors reveal life in the middle of an oven-like summer.
September 8 Shapes and patterns discovered in the moments reveal a natural beauty of geometry.
September 7 The rose bud (from August 28th) retains beauty, albeit differently presented with time. Beauty is like that.
September 6 I love the lines and contrasts of pencil to paper and think they are beautiful, especially considering what can be done with them.
September 5 The reflection stands out on the table as the low angle of approaching dusk makes art out of a dripping left on a patio table.
September 4 As a long day of work with my son at my place away from places, the scene of beauty and serenity calm my soul.
September 3 The last peek of light through the blinds before the sun edges below the horizon. Beauty in its warmth and steadfast friendship.
September 2 A tough summer has taken a toll on some of the tomato plants, but this one hangs in, producing color and beauty, but no fruit...and that is enough for now.
September 1 A short break from doing dishes to preserve the colors and sense of viscosity. Never be numb to what is around you.
August 31 There are so many beautiful angles and colors on this old door as the light of day changes. I stop many times a day to just smile at it; I think it winks back.
August 30 I have been attracted to paper since I was a kid and mom would buy for me little white notepads with a green tear-off spine. Later, I learned to make my own pads. I love paper and the worlds that can be created on them in words of images.
August 29 Christmas colors with a heat index of 108, but beautiful nonetheless.
August 28 Honored to have been a pall bearer for my friend's mom's funeral. This bud reminds me of the role, but more so of a 49-year friendship, the shortness of life (no matter how long it lasts) and of the special blend of happiness and grief. Life is beautiful.
August 27 Gold floating on mercury. Nah. A vase now empty of its flowers.
August 26 It was my dad's and now it stays perched on my office window sill. Beautiful textures, form and light, accentuated by beautiful memories of dad.
August 25 Dropped into a white bowl, these "imperfect" jalapenos miss the mark for Edward Weston's sense of perfect form, but match my sense that beauty is everywhere, in its authenticity.
August 24 A week after giving my wife the bunch of flowers at the airport, a few remain, steadfast in their service and beauty amidst the angels facing the afternoon light.
August 23 Rain, in any amount, is welcome right now. These few drops that snuck away from a cloud leave a pattern on my truck door, and a tease of a storm to come, that is beautiful and draws a smile.
August 22 Only light and shadow (which is beautiful) until it becomes form, color and texture (more beauty).
August 21 Again, the colors. The forms. Beautiful. See it everywhere.
August 20 While watching my wife practice, I was drawn to the colors. (You can see that one is blurred by the motion of it having just hit the target.) I love color, even though I have historically been a black-and-white photographer. Adapt to seeing the beauty around you.
August 18 These light bulbs fascinate me. The filaments intrigue. I think they are beautiful and enjoy looking at them.
August 18 The aforementioned flowers "pose" to reveal their beauty of color, texture and shape in a more refined spot.
August 17 The beauty of the flowers or the "beauty" of my wife coming home from a trip (I always meet her with flowers at the airport). Either way, beauty has a way of standing out, no matter where or what it is.
August 16 I am not a fan of crape myrtle. Until we found this color. Getting close for a view, I am awed by the richness and detail of what I see. Beauty is like that.
August 15 Night light is beautiful and mysterious. Standing in the back yard at 4 in the morning, seeing things differently in moon light and wondering about what I don't see in the shadows.
August 14 Blistering hot days and then rain and high winds for less than an hour. As beautiful as I thought it was, I am sure the thirsty plants believed it more so. Nature is always beautiful and worthy of awe.
August 13 They may be artificial but the smile they get from me and their eye-catching colors are very real.
August 12 Green of life, belying the heat index of 111 degrees...beautiful and serene nonetheless.
August 11 Is there beauty in everything or do we tend to only seek out the beautiful? Even the knobs on the blinds cord have grace and subtle beauty.
August 10 Symmetry brings a sense of beautiful peace at the end of a bumpy, roller-coaster week...and I sigh and smile.
August 9 I love light and patterns...light and shadow. There is always beauty there.
August 8 Galveston sunset stands bold and beautiful. Luckily the light cooperated so I could stop and grab the image. As bold as the artificial lighting is, it is no match to nature's.
August 6 There is something more beautiful about a tomato that has not benefitted from the genetics to make something that is aesthetically improved but not as tasty.
August 5 The late-day light shoots through the few grape leaves that have survived summer's heat and deer's hunger. They remain beautiful and resolute.
August 4 My wife's arrows are strikingly (no pun intended) bold.
August 3 As much as I find the colors and pattern attractive, I hope the fish do more so.
August 2 Simple patterns and textures are calmingly beautiful.
August 1 One in light, one in shadow, both in beauty.
July 31 A river may not run through it, but a lake lays near it. Learning to fly fish on the lake near home for beautiful scenes (no fish yet) and relaxing times.
July 30 I think mystery can be beautiful, too.
July 29 Wabi-sabi again. The beauty of decay. There are about 25 pints of pickles in the pantry thanks to the hard work of this cucumber plant.
July 28 No timid pink this crape myrtle. Not long after planting, it boldly proclaims its rich, beautiful colors.
July 27 Wheat fields while whizzing by at 80 mph...a beautiful parting shot before leaving Montana and its incredibly varied beauty.
July 26 The light and environment were more cooperative than the trout this day, but with scenes like this, catching is less important than fishing.
July 25 (An extra image for today since I goofed on the 14th) A beautiful setting at a Montana rodeo -- beauty of environs, the flag and proud Americans.
July 25 A beautiful start of colors and light.
July 24 Early morning light separating the flower from its rock protector. A beautiful companion to friends, wife and coffee.
July 23 The beautiful terrain of clouds and colors.
July 22 Early in the morning, the next day to head out for a few days of vacation in Montana, the local colors call out "don't forget to come home to us."
July 21 OK, not "beautiful," but it is to me...more pickles put up thanks to a very prolific cucumber crop this year. Nothing like growing your own stuff and having enough to preserve.
July 20 Coming in close to the tree to cut it down, I found this push of new life and color. Birth and near-death in the same image; the beauty of the life cycle.
July 19 The beauty of colors...and the message. "Grow where you are planted."
July 18 Wabi-sabi...the beauty of decay. And here of tonalities, textures and reflections. A poem calls from here.
July 17 Is the full moon ever not beautiful? I don't think so.
July 16 A view from Bayou Vista, TX reveals the beauty of the coastal area and coastal life.
July 15 The neighborhood lake late in the day provides a beautiful view of serenity. I can always imagine myself on the end of the pier.
July 13 My place away of places providing peace after an arduous day of labor with tractor, push mower, machete and more. A beautiful place and a beautiful feeling of exhaustion.
July 12 Nothing like watching the beautiful colors and textures of clouds from the front porch.
July 11 The slats of the blinds create sharp demarcation lines and green surfaces from lawn-reflected light. There is so much beauty to see.
July 10 In the middle of breakfast, I notice textures and highlights usually missed. It helps to pause between swallows.
July 9 Sunlight finds shapes and textures amidst the light-blocking tree trunks.
July 8 Another beautiful East Texas sunrise.
July 7 I expect to spin, propeller-like, any moment. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the view.
July 6 It continues to amaze me how an okra pod can be the result of a bloom so beautiful.
July 5 I've never seen shyness look as cute and beautiful as this coy sunflower.
July 4 A beautiful flag that represents the greatest experiment in human freedom to use God-given rights. I pray for her.
July 3 Morning's going to be another beautiful day wherever I look and actually see.
July 2 Rain, rain and more rain...beautiful patterns of movement and yielding beautiful greens and richness.
July 1 I'm not prone to images that isolate colors like this, but this flower demanded it of me. Who am I to not grant beauty's wish?
June 30 These new lights continue to intrigue me...beautiful light, filaments and patterns. Exploring them from angles is almost mesmerizing.
June 29 Light bars on a steel mug...wonderful textures found in the pause of walking by the kitchen.
June 28 The cucumber poses against the textures of the red bricks; I call my garden plants "my children." I love them all.
June 27 I guess Zoro came by shortly before my wife and I took our wine to the front porch for a quiet sit. A beautiful Z indeed.
June 26 Intended as a textured black-and-white image when I envisioned it, I fell in love with the colors when I opened the file. See beauty in ways other than how you expect it.
June 25 The sheers on the windows become waves of rolling textures when viewed differently, revealing the beauty of threads differently.
June 24 The colors are beautiful to me because they are home and home is a beautiful place to be.
June 23 The beautiful lines of the overhang made for a wonderful view but not much shade in the heat index 112 temperatures, but it was worth it to watch grandkids play.
June 22 Every trip to the garden gives me another reason to smile at the beauty of colors, forms, textures, details...creation.
June 21 The beautiful colors of kabob ingredients before the cooking began made me think they were almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. Tasty.
June 20 My wife created this image and sent me a text message with it as a way to wake me up and say "A beautiful day awaits!"
June 19 I never ceased to be amazed at the beauty of an okra bloom, particularly considering the pod that follows.
June 18 Pencil and paper. Beautiful as a still life, and for what they represent in the unlimited range of voice and expression available to us should we but decide to share.
June 17 The storms, and their beauty, passed, giving way to the beauty of blue skies and clouds. Even the stark lines of the ham radio antenna seem beautiful with the sky.
June 16 I hope you can hear the wind in this image as the storm moved in creating beautiful motion, sounds and colors.
June 15 Leaf textures paused between flutters in the wind.
June 14 Filaments glow, a beautiful study of light, color, patterns and form.
June 13 A spot of light finds the flowers and beauty jumps out for me to enjoy and share with you.
June 12 Again the door catches my attention -- the beautiful colors swirled together with textures.
June 11 Beautiful in his or her way against the textures of the water, looking for lunch or maybe just enjoying the view.
June 10 Dirt and a dead mosquito on the petals cannot diminish the beauty of colors, texture and form.
June 9 Clouds again catch my attention, their beautiful, ominous look for another day of "gotcha." Wind, threatening clouds and not a drop of rain. The beauty of unpredictability is part of the fun.
June 8 A hill of color rising in the hanging planter, catching my eye as the light of the day diminishes.
June 7 Every bump, texture and detail serves a purpose as the bloom becomes a cucumber. I am in awe of the beauty of the process and the perfection of creation.
June 6 As focus shifted back and forth as the branches moved, it seemed for a moment a bit like a scene from a fairy tale or myth. No myth, this beauty. It grows in my backyard.
June 5 Not quite to a level to break out the canning supplies, but the fresh okra and beans made a great complement to supper. Fresh, tasty, creation, beautiful. Pausing to appreciate the miracle of seeds maturing to plants that produce meals reveals all the more beauty of it all.
June 4 Colors. New life. Growth. Beautiful.
June 3 The bees have arrived. For the next few months this tree will be abuzz with pollinators that also travel to my nearby garden. It's more than a beautiful scene; it is a beautiful relationship.
June 2 A beautiful moment that filled me with nostalgia for the days when families could come to the gates to see off friends and loved ones, waving them goodbye.
June 1 The reflection on the floor (this light appeared on my April 7 post) creates what appears as a sci-fi world to pass through before reaching the stairs to escape. Of course, maybe it was the sleep deprivation.
May 31 Machinery is beautiful, perhaps more so to me when it was crafted by people and not robots.
May 30 I love farm country, wherever the farm is. This Iowa field of corn that is just finding its way out of the ground is a different kind of beautiful than when it will be high and moving to the breezes a few months from now.
May 29 At the moment, I thought the weather looming at the airport was beautiful. Little did I realize the weather would wreack havoc on the next couple of days of travel. I still think it was beautiful.
May 28 The mysterious, beautiful moment that lasted about two minutes.
May 27 The breeze blows the flowers into and out of the small area where the sun penetrates the shade created by overhead trees. Its flirt with light draws attention to its beauty.
May 26 The beauty of hope and faith. This grape vine is reaching out to space where there is no tree nor trellis, yet it grows to someday serve by producing grapes.
May 25 He is buried in a cemetery that was established in 1854. While he is known to some, he is an unknown soldier to most. All the veterans have new flags here, helping them each become a bit less unknown to the passersby and visitors to this one-acre cemetery.
May 24 A bug's-eye view, peering through the grass to the towering stalks of purple beauty.
May 23 Clouds tower over rooftops, their power forgotten because of their beauty.
May 22 I should trim the azaleas, but the new growth is too beautiful and I appreciate its willingness to stand out and say "look at me" without fear of being lopped.
May 21 I enjoy being pressed to get an image when I only have a few minutes to find something beautiful. It makes me be open in the moment to all types, including simple lines and forms. Perhaps every moment should be thus.
May 20 The swoop of the handle, the pattern of the of form and line confront me as I leave.
May 19 If stars had petals, this might be what the night sky would look like.
May 18 The colors are beautiful, but most beautiful is that it is home.
May 17 Maybe this should be a jigsaw puzzle, but I love the colors and textures along with the grass creeping in, ready to take over anywhere and everywhere.
May 16 I'm fascinated in the myriad ways that the stories and lives of loved ones are told, commemorated and honored at cemeteries. This is a beautiful love story.
May 15 The angel statue captures my attention again, this time in the warm light of morning that creates a reflective halo of sorts from the kitchen faucet. Simple beauty found simply.
May 14 It is good to see colors and forms when looking up instead of gray and rain. Both versions are beautiful, but the colors are a welcome change as of late.
May 13 The warm light of sunrise and the cool light of shade form an early morning, color version of yin and yang.
May 12 The last flower that I see as I leave my Walden (Place Away from Places) strikes me with the beauty of its colors and the beauty of its imperfections.
May 11 I don't know what this is, but it and several of its cousins are new companions in the garden at church. The colors and textures stand out beautifully in this pause in the rain right before Mass.
May 10 The ever-reaching grape vine had company this moment and the beautiful details in the intricacies of leaves and wings serve as more reminders of why I love my garden.
May 9 Bolts of lightning are truly beautiful, but so too is the night sky lit up as unseen bolts travel above the clouds to create an other-worldly beauty.
May 8 On my quick walk through the yard after one of today's many rain bursts, I paused to appreciate how well the potatoes (tomatoes, beans, herbs, peppers and cucumbers) are coming along. They are all doing fine, save for falling to slugs which I will take care of, and they are all beautiful...the ultimate solar energy, turning light into food over time, which then becomes energy again.
May 7 Overcast, rainy, perfect for appreciating colors and forms, the geometry of the planter and the details of the plant.
May 6 Sunlight just begins to flood the living room with warm, morning light and accentuates the textures and colors at the fireplace. A good moment to appreciate all that surrounds me.
May 5 Cloud watching near the end of the day. The blue sky day amidst days of rain and overcast provides a moment to create characters out of clouds, and to appreciate nuances of blue.
May 4 A quick grab shot at 60 mph while pulling a trailer to get a shot of a beautiful East Texas sunset at the close of the day.
May 3 Warm morning light accentuates with textures and shadows the material of the drapes. I love light and shadows.
May 2 When the thunderstorm arrived hours after posting my image for today, I figured that if I got a nice lightning image that I would post a bonus image for the day. I love rain, lightning and thunder; enjoy the beauty, power and intricacy of it all.
May 2 I've tabbed a few pages of my Bible over the past few years. The colorfulness of the tabs provide a beautiful reminder of what they are marking for my review.
May 1 Sometimes we forget to pay attention to textures and sheen around the house. This caught my eye and held it. I couldn't not take the photo.
April 30 Some things call me to be photographed again and again. Our front door is one of those things. It is ever-changing based on time of day, color and direction of light, angle from which I view it...but always beautiful and inspiring.
April 29 A candle to light the patio for a quiet time over wine with my wife. The candle, its light and the glass intrigue me. Always has, always will.
April 28 Beauty in the moment...the moment of a young man's first celebration of the Mass as a newly ordained priest while he delivers his first homily, the moment of the morning sun breaking through the stained glass to add a special feeling to this moment and memory.
April 27 The Basilica of the Sacred Heart at University of Notre Dame prior to my wife's cousin's son's ordination. Beautiful and breathtaking, and soon to be filled with voices and song. Incredible.
April 26 Less than 36 hours before the snowfall, sufficient enough to need to scrape the rental car's windows, the buds against the Indiana sky revealed the beauty of spring.
April 25 Last night's storms gave way to brilliant sunshine and plants that express their joy with colors and textures.
April 24 Between sheltering during a tornado warning and enjoying the rainfall, I had the pleasure of enjoying the beauty of light, shadow and movement as the storms wore down.
April 23 This beautiful collection of pinhead-sized grapes will become snacks, jelly or wine months from now, depending on how they survive my daily nibbling once they are ripe. In the meantime, I'll marvel at the beauty of colors and of the growing process that is largely ignored when shopping the produce aisle.
April 22 Light on new leaves busting out for spring is one thing, but light shooting through the leaves is another kind of beautiful.
April 21 The roses that I greeted my wife with at the airport after her week away with family, quickly came to full bloom. revealed in the morning light.
April 20 She lays in the sun, the light bringing beautiful textures and colors that out of the shadows.
April 19 A welcome mat of light. How fitting in a photographer's home, though it only lasted for part of the morning.
April 18 Is the door swinging open or closed? The light of the new day invites through the door either way.
April 17 Beautiful day or night, still or strong in the wind.
April 16 A wash table that has been in the family for well over 100 years and was lovingly refinished by a former boss, as the home for a raku art piece given to me as a thank you for my work for the art program at a previous employer. Beautiful items and beautiful memories.
April 15 A spot of sunlight hits this gnarly weed. Beautiful to look at, but not something I want to grab a handful of.
April 14 A quick trip to the nearby home improvement box store brought me by this field which provided a view of these beautiful horses. The beauty of errand running.
April 13 Rain droplets on the gutter during a pause between storms.
April 12 The smooth textures of the skylight and its tonalities against the textures and patterns of the roof provide a nice respite while working in the backyard.
April 11 I'm becoming more intrigued by the beauty of regular household lines, shapes, light and shadows. Just walking through the house while paying attention is a reward unto itself.
April 10 With this project, I am paying more attention to reflections on water, dishes, glass and more. The indirect view of something creates a beautiful new perspective thanks to the surface upon which the reflection resides.
April 9 Light near the end of the day reveals colors working in harmony from inside and out. Beautiful enough to cause a pause of "I hadn't noticed that before" thoughts.
April 8 Resting at home, after spending a night in the airport with two hours of sleep folded into a chair, I see the light and haze as a little piece of heaven -- home. A beautiful sight and a beautiful feeling.
April 7 I look up before heading up the elevator to the airport terminal and this new art piece in the ceiling captures my attention. The beautiful colors and forms made of materials and light give me pause to reflect on the look and the artist who created it.
April 6 Light shoots through the tree, and when added to tiredness, takes on more of a hazy, drowsy beauty.
April 5 1000 miles from home, I see beautiful colors of plants unfamiliar to me at a hotel that is oh-so-familiar for business trips. The beauty welcomes me.
April 4 On travel, after a long day of getting from Point A to Point B, I find calming beauty awaiting me in the room that will be my home for the better part of a week.
April 3 Wires glistening in abstract art forms belie their role to keep deer out of newly planted flowers. The beauty of art is everywhere.
April 2 The grape vine is awake and shooting for the skies, later to provide grapes for nibbling and, perhaps, enough for canning. At this moment, the pyramid of forms and textures reveal a beauty unto its own.
April 1 Seeing the various types of beauty in one's environs serves as a great reminder of that beauty of all types surrounds you every day.
March 31 The lightpole could only hope to be able to cast light as beautiful as today's dusk.
March 30 The green of the broccoli seemed particularly vibrant and beautiful under the refrigerator light.
March 29 I love the beauty of lines, shapes and forms; sometimes, they resonate better together than every likely intended.
March 28 Spring has sprung, releasing beauty in colors, textures and forms.
March 27 Subtle whites of barely-there clouds against a blue seamless background. Beautiful view from the front porch (or anywhere).
March 26 Everyone and everything has a shadow side. Embrace the beauty of it.
March 25 The familiar is still beautiful, not to be taken for granted. Perhaps the beauty comes in the companionship, connection and function of the relationship...for decades, a keyboard has been my beloved friend.
March 24 Burning some excess trash wood provided the chance to admire the beauty of the colors, nuances and intricacies of fire.
March 23 Years ago, a photography student of mine at University of West Bohemia commented, "Dion, you really do love light, don't you?" Yes, yes I do.
March 22 I am trying to not repeat too much of the same sort of beauty as inspiration, but this East Texas sunrise requires me to look to the sun and clouds again for today's view of beauty.
March 21 We could do worse than simply noticing the beauty of light, shadows and forms in our own environs.
March 20 The orange tree survived last year's uprooting and relocation, now providing beautiful little buds that sparkle in spring sun and attract bees with their scent.
March 19 Two gifts of beautiful thoughts: a bookmark from my wife and an "experienced" writer's table from my daughter in-law. It is a beautiful thing when people give you gifts that reveal they know you.
March 18 Simple colors and lines reveal their beauty as they wait on a hanger.
March 17 Spring seems to bring incredible and beautiful colors and patterns as it and winter feud for dominance before spring takes firm hold.
March 16 When I first became serious about photography at 16, I would prowl behind my mom's azaleas to photograph their colors and textures as the light shown through them. The flowers -- their colors and textures -- and the memories remain beautiful to me.
March 15 The layers of colors reminded me of playing with colored chalk and blending them so that the dust of each blended together in a blended delicatness...but this time the "chalk" was in the sky.
March 14 Light slats on a rug, a light ladder leading to shadows...I am not sure what I see, but it caught my eye. We're surrounded by different types of beauty that would catch our eye if we were willing for it to be caught.
March 13 Most of the orange blossoms survived the late freeze a few days ago, and their sweet, bug-calling aroma calls me, too, long enough to save their youth in images.
March 12 For some of us, this weathered site is beautiful and calming; count me among those.
March 11 New textures of spring's young bloom against the old texture of of youth and age, transitory and permanent.
March 10 The more I notice the beauty of lines and shapes, the more I am attracted to the most humble of them.
March 9 I'm so proud of having been able to carry this torch for the cross-country Olympic run in 2001 in Albuquerque, that I sometimes forget how beautiful the design and colors are.
March 8 I've only ridden a horse once, but there is something about a horse's features that have always attracted and inspired me. Beautiful animals, whether real or portrayed.
March 7 Black, gray and white cloud waves roll in front of the seamless blue sky...beautiful. Time to pause in the driveway before driving off.
March 6 I envisioned this as a black-and-white image, but when I opened the file and saw the colors of light on the blinds...sometimes beauty means looking at it for what it is, not what you think it is.
March 5 Sitting aside after serving with softness and scentbeauty of many senses.
March 4 I could be constrained to my house and not cease finding beauty in the forms, shapes and textures as light moves over the house, changing windows into which it peaks to illuminate in different ways.
March 3 I never thought of ratchet straps as beautiful until they stood out in the bed of my truck, a bold red x of strength and service.
March 2 The beauty of the foggy morning, my truck's headlights pulling the signs out a bit, remind me about what awaits when starting the day early.
March 1 Amidst the cloudy days stand out the crisp colors of leaves, greens and yellows collaborating to catch my attention.
February 28 Yet another area of the house largely ignored as I walk by every day, but in this morning's light all the elements called me to notice.
February 27 Proud Texan: the star always makes me smile. I think it is beautiful; it is home.